One of the Casinos I visited lately was the Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans, Louisiana (they are @HarrahsNOLA on twitter.) This is a beautiful casino but it a bit on the pricier side for someone cheap like me.  On the other hand, it is in a great location relative to French Quarter and some of the historical places in New Orleans.  While you will spend more than someplace like Tunica, there is a lot to do.

One way you can save a bit of money as well as take in some of the local culture is to stay at one of the smaller historic hotels in the French Quarter.  If you like European hotels, you will fit right in at one of these places. They are small, inexpensive, with helpful sotaff, within walking distance of everything. The hotel  I stayed in was the Hotel Saint Marie which has deals as low as $50 a night. You will also pay $25 for valet parking. You are also one block off Bourbon Street and a short walk to Jackson Square. You will have a walk to Harrah’s (heres a map)  but you can hit some of the fun places along the way. BTW, get the staff to set you up for one of the walking tours – we did the ghost tour.

I do want to warn you that while most people love these more intimate hotels but I’ve had more than one friend tell me “They are small, dirty and old!” (to which I say, please don’t go with me to Europe!).  This aside, if you are mainly wanting to gamble and don’t like the idea of walking to the Casino, you can still fine some relatively good deals at Harrah’s.  Checking now, you can get rooms at low as $99 a night in September, quite a bit better than the more typical $239, $349, and $409 prices later in the year.

P.S.  My wife and I used our  Total Rewards Card and got some nice deals for free casino slots and the buffet after the trip. If you don’t mind them doing a bit of tracking on you, its a good deal.