In my last post, I talked about slot machines but I have to admit I’m a bit partial to video poker. Unlike slots, skill counts and the odds are great if you play an ideal game (or even close to it). In theory, you can get a return of OVER 100% for the right game on the right machine.

There are quite a few sites on the internet that will show you how to play video poker (the picture beside this post will even take you to one).

In fact, you can even play it for free to test your skills.  The site I like is the Wizard of Odds which will allow you to play and even tell you if you have made the wrong move.  This is a good idea since even if you know how to play poker, the strategies are a bit different.

I will note that if you have a rewards card, they often don’t give you the same reward for playing video poker as they do for slots likely because they don’t make as much off you. Even if that is true for your card, I wouldn’t let that change what you play since these rewards are usually pretty small.