In my last post, I talked about how casinos, hotels, and towns are getting more involved with social media. This is great for the customers that are already there.

You can get frequent updates on what is going on and the good deals that they might be offering. Many run contests or give out “secret” codes for free nights in the hotel, or dinner or tickets.  Plus, if your casino or hotel doesn’t give you a good reason to follow them unfollow or unfriend them. You decide.

If they have fan pages or twitter addresses you can also connect with other customers and get some more honest and objective information on your destination.   Many casino towns can give you tips and ideas or you can follow their URLs to more info (like a phone number if you are the old fashioned type  🙂 )

And if you have a bad time or a bad experience and need to vent, Twitter, Facebook, or your favorite web application is good for that too. The good places will respond back to you to make it right or explain what happened. The bad ones will be exposed which just helps the rest of us that are tuned in (BTW, Casinos and Hotels, we know no one is perfect and mistakes happen – here is your chance to step up and turn a complaint into a loyal customer).