We are off to Tunica tomorrow so we were getting our cash together ready to win big! (ok probably not – but we will have fun).  Before I tell you where some of our spending money comes from, let me tell you a story.

A few years ago, I was Christmas shopping for my wife. I had a few dollars left and I noticed a store had a coin jar that counted your money- on sale of course. My wife decided to turn it into our vacation fund (I’m sure we are not the first to think of this).  Anyway, with the kids getting older, it has now become our gaming money.  Any time we get back change or find money in the dryer, it goes into the jar.

Now if you are not up with modern technology, you might not know there are now machines that will sort and count your coins and give you back bills. Tonight we headed over to the neighborhood grocery store, dropped our money into the machine, listened to the sound of coins shaking like we just won the jackpot, and pulled out our money.  In this case it was only $56 as we had been in New Orleans not too long ago. Still, this is pretty close to the “average” amount spent per day in a Casino (BTW, the grocery stores may take 8% but some banks will do it for free).

So, what is the point?  First, saving your coins can add up and it is a nice way to balance out your gaming costs. Second,  if you need a Christmas idea for your wife, I recommend the counting coin jar 🙂