The other day, I asked my twitter followers what would be a good Tunica post and  @TunicaReb suggested the “3C’s of Tunica”. I had no idea what these 3 C’s were until he gave me a few hints. Today my wife and I spent the day tracking them down.

As you might guess, one of the three C’s is “Casino”.  We happen to be staying at Sam’s Town  Casino today. Its a nice hotel where you can take an elevator right to the Casino or eat at one of several dinner locations. I’ve got a whole post coming on this place but for now, let me just say I love the free WIFI in the lobby and multi option shower heads (Note to hotels – bloggers love free WiFi 🙂 ).

For the second C, anyone that comes here in October is sure to get it.  It’s cotton harvesting season and between many of the Casinos are fields of white.  We pulled off the road to get a pic of the plants.  You will see the tractors stripping the cotton and rolling it into large rolls or big rectangles.

The last C  we found at the Tunica Riverpark and Museum, a really nice place and a big surprise for me. It’s a nice meandering drive to a beautiful bulding by the river.  They provide a high tech presentation on the Mississippi River and its impact to the area over MANY years. There is artwork, some excellent photographs and several aquariums filled with the largest catfish I have ever seen.

Of course, going back to @TunicaReb, I think the catfish he had in mind were the eating kind. After the museum, we headed over to the Hollywood Café, “Home of the Fried Dill Pickle”. This place deserves its own blog post too so check back later.