You remember the water cycle from junior high earth science, right? Rain falls, it feeds the flowers and makes rivers, it flows to the ocean, it evaporates, and becomes clouds and then rain.

Casinos have a cycle too. Marketing does promotions to get business, customers get deals and head to the casino towns to take advantage of the deals, the town profits from visitors eating at the restaurants and staying at the hotels, casinos make more money, and do more promotions.

And the customers that have a good time?  They tell their friends.

In Sams Town’s case they gave out a couple free nights to the Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau@TunicaMS then gave them out to the twitter “Follower of the week” who happened to be yours truly. Being the cheap gambler I am, this was the motivation we needed to drive 4-5 hours to visit. But it gets better…

If you don’t yet have a Boyd Casino card, they also have a promotion to give you $5 of free slots for those staying at the hotel.  That was $10 more to spend.  And since we are new, they gave me 3X points the first day and 4x for my wife.

Then there are other promotions.  We were there on a Thursday which is “Gals and Pals” night. They have a drawing for $100 free slots but you automatically get $5 of free slots for signing up (sorry guys, you need a gal pal to sign up and it might be just for out-of-towners. I’m not sure). We also get ½ off at the buffet.

Now my wife and I are not high rollers and I didn’t get any special perks for being a blogger – these are all things any of us can get if you keep an eye open. Sam’s Town did get a bit lucky since my telling my friends about a good time means writing it on a public gaming blog and a growing list of twitter followers. Good gamble, Sam’s Town. I say you celebrate by investing more on free stuff for your customers! 🙂