I was watching football at sports pub the other night and we got to a slow point in the game. This seemed like a good time to check any comps I got after visting a few casinos early in the month. Harrahs,  Boyd, and MGM all  have iPhone apps which is MUCH better than having to log on to the casino web site with a tiny browser.

In Harrah’s case it remembers my account number (a huge number of digits) and I can log in with just my password.  I do this and it tells me I have four comps.  So far, so good.

Now I click the “view specific offers link” to see what they are.  Guess what?  It takes me to an entirely new menu.

Not only that, it wants me to log in again but this time I have to enter my total rewards number. It appears the iPhone app developer has bailed at this point and is just sending us to web site for mobile browsing.  #FAIL.   I don’t know about you but I don’t have my number memorized. So, I have to exit the app, start all over, copy the number from the first Total Rewards screen, retrace all my steps, paste the number and finally I’m in.

And what do I find after all these gyrations?  Four comps for a Harrah’s casino that I can’t use (see my last post).

To be fair, I’ve been a bit negative on Total Rewards my last two posts when I probably should be glad they are leading the way in some of these areas.  I am  glad they are getting more involved with social media and mobile devices.  I’m just hoping they will spend a bit more time to get it right.

P.S. Harrah’s, if you are working on improving the app, I’d be glad to add a follow up post on that to. Just let me know.