One thing I learned with my gaming blog and on twitter is that there sure are a lot of people trying to get rich quick, increase follower counts, sell you their gambling “system” or provide services to those wanting to get rich quick and increase follow count (which is kind of funny! 🙂 )

For the record, I’m not looking to make money or sell you anything. I”m doing this mainly because I like social media and I like gaming. So you can expect honest posts with no hidden agenda.

I’m kind of a nice guy and probably won’t blast the hotels or casinos I post about but I’m not afraid to point out problems. If a Casino decides to comp my room because they know I’m a blogger and I might write something about them, great,  I’ll let you know (actually, I think it is a law that I do this now but that doesn’t matter because I’d do it anyway).Beyond that, I’m really not looking to get rich or even get some extra pocking money.

Frankly my integrity is more important than this.

P.S. watch out for those scams on twitter!