I got to chatting with @playerspot and @EastCoastGamblr on twitter the other day when I started venting about DM’s I get. Ignoring the obvious “make money with your tweets!”,  “I’m a social media expert to help you get more followers!” and other spam here are some #FAIL examples from more serious tweeters and businesses. (note, I hate to slam the folks doing it wrong so the names and companies are not listed – besides, we on twitter know who you are 😉 )

Direct Messages

These are all real DM’s I’ve gotten the last few days:

DM – Thank you for following.  Tell us about you. What do you do? – I type out a nice reply only to get an error because they don’t follow me. What it really says:  We don’treally care, or we don’t think you will actually talk to us, or we don’t understand how twitter works.

DM- Thanks for the follow! Please connect with us on Facebook – If I wanted to follow you on Facebook, wouldn’t I just start there? What it really says:  We want to be where we want to be, not where the customers are.

DM – Hope to see you at this years Halloween Ball! – Ummm, its November. What it really says:  We have mastered auto reply (but nothing else).

Following 0

Many companies don’t follow anyone back. You might get away with this if you have some great content but even Connan O’Brien follows someone.  For everyone else, its a #FAIL

Following 0 –  What it says:

  1. Someone said we need a twitter address but we have more important things to do. Maybe they will be happy with this.
  2. Twitter – its just like TV or a web page! We’ll tell you how great we are!
  3. We haven’t figured out its important to ENGAGE with our customers.
  4. We haven’t figured out its important to engage with the influencers in our industry (analysts, journalists, bloggers, key customers, etc.)

Now I don’t want to say the resort and casino industry does not get social media and twitter.  As a customer, I’m very happy many of them do.  In my next post we will talk a bit more about the good examples.