I did a post on some things the casino industry does wrong with social media so now lets talk about some example where they do it right.

One thing  resorts and casinos need to do is built community and support the communities that are out there.  Casinos, you have some great products – cool games, great meals, and fun places – which gives you a big advantage.  I talk all the time to friends (real and virtual) and we talk about you.  We don’t mind people that work for the casinos participating in the conversation although we do get irritated with heavy handed marketing.  So, to start,  I’ll point you to a great resource – Chris Brogan who has a good talk on Social Media and Building community (watch it now… I’ll wait).

So now, let me throw out a very good example. Tunica Travel just did a post on “Tunica 12 Days of Christmas”.  I follow their blog fairly regularly but this rather simple post has gotten a huge boost in replies from readers.  You can also check out their FaceBook fan page which was also boosted by this post. How did they do it?  By getting rid of some expiring comps they had.  In addition, the folks that work at TunicaMS will talk to you on twitter and participate in the activities at the casinos. They have more followers than most of the casinos in the area, and for good reason (its no coincident they are training their people in social media too –which I know because THEY TALK TO YOU!).

Harrahs (now Caesars) is another company doing a good job (relative to most other casinos).  I’ve frequently talked to @HarrahsTunica, @HarrahsNola, and @Total_rewards or casino hosts like @CasinoHost.  I’ll be heading to Vegas in 2011 so I’ll no doubt start talking to @HarrahVegas soon too. Now, as a customer, I would like them to be a bit more human but they are still ahead of 90% of the rest of the industry.  Sometimes I want to whack the smaller casinos in the back of the head as social media is a place where your voice can be a big as the mega corporation.  On the other hand, I do appreciate Harrah’s progressiveness (its sometime hard to sell the social media thing inside a big company).

If you want to decide on your own who is doing a good job on twitter, I keep a list of casinos on twitter. If you look through it, make a note of:

  1. Who talks to people and who does not.
  2. Who follows people and who does not.

I hate to look at follower count too much since it’s something that can be gamed but there is a pretty good corolation to high follower count, giving people good content and following back.

A new place to measure influence in a more objective way is Klout. Below are some casino industry twitters with their category and score. If your casino is doing better than them,  feel free to reply.  I’d like to know:

61 ThoughtLeader http://twitter.com/Cosmopolitan_LV http://klout.com/Cosmopolitan_LV
59 ThoughtLeader http://twitter.com/CaesarsPalace http://klout.com/CaesarsPalace
55 ThoughtLeader http://twitter.com/RioVegas http://klout.com/RioVegas
54 Specialist http://twitter.com/troplv http://klout.com/troplv
53 Specialist http://twitter.com/TunicaMS http://klout.com/TunicaMS
50 Specialist http://twitter.com/CasinoRoyaleLV http://klout.com/CasinoRoyaleLV
48 Specialist http://twitter.com/CircusVegas http://klout.com/CircusVegas
44 Feeder http://twitter.com/HarrahsVegas http://klout.com/harrahsVegas

These are mostly good scores so most casino twitter accounts show less “Klout”. However, for those of you doing a good job, don’t rest on your laurels too much.  People like @VegasBill and @24k get scores in the 70’s :-).

For the casino business folks hoping to do a better job, let me point you to some places you should be looking.  One of my favorites is Marketingprofs (or follow @MarketingProfs on twitter).  Another example is  Mack Collier.  From there, you can connect up with other quality sources – they tend to flock together – and avoid some of the spammier scamier “social media experts” just focused on adding followers and making a quick buck.

Or just just get involved… I’m sure us customers have lots of good advice for you 🙂