I still remember where I was sitting the first time I played a slot machine.  We had just walked into the casino with lights and sounds everywhere. We walked up to a machine and were trying to figure out where to put the money.  Then we saw we had to get a ticket to feed in.

We found the machine to get a $10 ticket  and were confounded by the “lines”  These are buttons usually at the bottom of the machine or sometimes on the screen that let you pick which 5 items in a row you want to play. You look at the game and think, “OK, three rows, so three lines, right?”  Nope, there are 20 lines!

Eventually, some nice lady that worked there showed us how to play, suggesting most people play 5 lines (lines can go diagonal, up and down, all kinds of combinations we later learned).

Well, today my son showed me an app on his iPad that pretty much duplicated the game experience for the large majority of slot machines, even including the bonus rounds that are getting so popular.  A quick search of the iTunes store found a bunch more for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  The image above is from Candy Writer ‘s iPad app (click it to see the full size).  The one below was thier iPhone app (it was free – but it said for a limited time).

Now these games won’t show you how to put money in the machine and you will likely win more than you do at the casino, but it’s a great way to get a feel for the game before your first visit.  You can change the lines, betting amount, and look at the payout just like on a real machine.  Its a great way to pick up some tips and avoid that intimidation factor the first time you go to the Casino.

Now if I can just find someone to teach us to play craps! 😉