If you follow me on twitter, you know we are heading to Tunica December 19.  Why?  Because I have three kids home from school and it gets scary around here!  So, they will be watching the dogs while we get away 🙂

I’ll likely be tweeting out the trip from @Cheapgambler… well, at least until Mrs. Cheapgambler makes me put the iPhone away.  We won’t be hitting the Museum or the Hollywood Cafe this time – these are good places but there is so much of Tunica we have yet to visit.

So check back here in a few days or follow us on Twitter. Tell me what you have seen that is good to post about it. There is a lot of fun in Tunica and we’re going to try to find it!

P.S. If there are any Tunica casinos reading this – we have yet to master the table games and would love to do a blog post on poker, blackjack or craps.  Feel free to DM me if you have an understanding dealer that won’t mind spend a few minutes with us.