So my twitter peeps likely know I’ve been in Tunica the last few days.  I’ve got a lot to report so here are some things to come:

  1. Mrs. Cheapgambler learned to load and fire a shot gun at Willows. I’m not sure if this is good or bad yet 😦
  2. I hooked up with the great folks at Isle of Capri in Lula and on Twitter who taught me to play craps.  If you have ever wanted to play but have been intimidated by the crowd around the table (like me!) , I hope to have a post that will help.
  3. We tried a restaurant called 37 located just below Paula Deens. They have a cool deal now too.
  4. Speaking of eating, the casinos conspired to kill us with buffets. They nearly succeeded.
  5. I was all over FourSquare and Twitter connecting up with fellow gamers, the casinos and a few game providers.  Its like crowd sourcing your vacation 🙂 My last post on Casinos and Social Media was popular so I’ll try to do a couple more.

I’m sure I’ll did up a few more things too.  Stay tuned…