I’ve started this post three times and FINALLY decided it should be several posts. I want to talk about Isle of Capri in Lula, MS— for those that have not been, I want to talk about how I ended up visiting them – for those interested in social media,  and I want to talk about learning craps – for those interested in actual gaming 😉

So, for post one, we will start with Isle of Capri. IoC is about a 340 Million dollar company that owns casino’s in Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa, Louisiana, and Florida. I first ran across them on Twitter when I missed a chance to visit their Biloxi casino (BTW, Biloxi, we have plans to return this summer)  In our case, we visited Isle of Capri Lula which is just south of Tunica.

I almost needed two pics to get it all in

The advantage Isle of Capri Lula has is that it is right by the bridge going over the Mississippi River between Arkansas and Mississippi.  If you live in or around Little Rock, Arkansas, you will likely drive right by them if you are headed east to Mississippi (or heading up to Tunica). In a many ways, they are in a different market than the casinos in Tunica although they are certainly close enough for some competition (which is good for us customers 😉 ).

The island theme

They have two casinos separated by the buffet, a couple small stores, and the hotel main area. The casinos could use a bit of an upgrade but they had some good machines and the people were very nice (more or that later).As you might guess, they have a tropical theme with a nice water fall between their two casinos. We didn’t stay at the hotel this time so I can’t talk much about the rooms but you can find a few reviews here.

The first think we did was get ourselves an Isle of Capri card at the cashier.  If you have not been there, this is a good time to go as you will get a free buffet the day you sign up.  It was also Monday and ladies that spend enough got a free buffet too. We ate there before leaving and my wife says they have the best banana pudding of the casino buffets she has tried so far.

Try the Banana Pudding

In my next post, we’ll talk about learning to play craps and what NOT to do at the tables!  IoC has some fun people running the tables and its worth it learning to play just for this. You can also check out their other activities here.