Did you know Harrah’s Tunica has an excellent restaurant right on the casino floor?  I didn’t!  Talking with some others on Twitter, they didn’t either!  Its called “37” … keep that number in mind.

Since New Years is coming up, I wanted to point it out and  one deal you might want to check out in case you are headed to Tunica over the next few days.  Right now, you can get a full meal for $37 that includes appetizer, salad, steak, wine and dessert.  Its the best meal I’ve had in Tunica.  It obviously an upscale restaurant so you can expect some upscale service (the gentleman that brought our water spoke French  – now that is class!).

So where do you find it?  If you head straight through the casino to the “High Rollers” slot machines, you will find them there (which is probably why I missed them 🙂  ).  Reservations are a good idea.  What we did was head over about 5pm and got a reservation for 7:30 that night. They also have a small bar there in case you are interested in trying one of their drinks or a fine wine. Here is the menu.

So where did the number 37 come from?  It turns out Harrahs opened their first casino in 1937.

Disclosure: Harrah’s comped our meal. It wouldn’t have changed this post but I like to be transparent.