Who is your favorite casino to engage with in the world of social media?  Or are you still looking for who to follow or fan?  I took some time to rank and link to all the Tunica casinos, their twitter addresses, Facebook fan pages, and blogs.

My ranking is just my opinion and you are welcome to call me out on anything you don’t agree with.  I’m certainly no social media expert, just someone who likes to connect with the businesses I frequent.  Also, these rankings don’t say anything about the quality of the casinos or hotels – I’m just looking at how useful, helpful and entertaining they are to engage within the online world.

So here is my list from top to bottom.  I hope you find it useful:

Harrah’s Tunica

Caesars, owners  of Harrah’s Tunica, is taking social media seriously pretty much across the board.  They have both Facebook pages for the Casino AND Paula Deans plus a large number of people on twitter. @HarrahsTunica and Caesars related tweeps like @Total_Rewards, @CasinoHost, @Patrick_PR make it easy to pick the folks with the information and style you like. They even have a blog for all their Tunica properties (more on their other casinos later) and an iSpin App for your iPhone that can access your Total Rewards account.

Good: As I said, they are pretty good across the board. I’d certainly follow them on Facebook (both fan pages if you like to eat).

Bad: The Harrah’s Tunica twitter address is not the strongest of the Caesars properties so you know they can do better. While, they get points for having a smart phone app, it could be better.

Isle of Capri

Although IOC is not one of the largest entertainment companies,  they certainly seem to have one of the better grasps of social media. If you are on twitter, you are set. Isle of Capri  marketing people seem to be on top of things and they are not just retweeting press releases (here are some folks you might follow: @IsleOfCapriLula, @BaxterLee, @IOC_Brand,  @eplastino, @MargaretatIOC ).    The Lula casino could be a bit more involved but they are there and talking. On the Facebook side, they are not as far along as others.  Searching for them on Facebook lead me to an information page.

Good:  They seem to have a good grasp of twitter (in fact, the are some of my favorite people to follow which is why I put them here). Even Harrah’s could learn from them.

Bad: The Lula twitter address could be a bit more active and I’d like to see them get a Facebook fan page going.


Tunica Road House is another of the Caesar’s casinos so pretty much what I said about Harrah’s covers them too (yeah, I could have put the all the Harrah’s properties on top but I though IOC’s use of twitter deserved some recognition)  If you visit their Facebook fan page, you will see regular updates and answers to questions so it is being helpful to us customers. And, as you can guess they are on Twitter at @RoadHouseTunica

Good: They are there on Twitter and Facebook and will talk to use customers. I’d definitely follow them on Facebook.

Bad: As with Harrah’s, twitter use could be improved.  They don’t tweet a lot and haven’t built much of a following.  BTW Roadhouse, did you know you can put a link to your website on your twitter page…you know, like in case someone would like the visit your casino? Update: Just got a DM from@RoadHouseTunica that its been fixed. Everyone go click on it!


Yep, Horseshoe is another Caesar’s property with their fairly complete approach to social media. You can find them on twitter and Facebook and have access to Total Rewards just like most of the Caesar’s properties. I’m probably not giving enough credit to both Road House and Horseshoe but it would make my blog boring writing the same thing over and over.

Good: They are where the customers are on Facebook and Twitter. See the positives for the other Caesars casinos.

Bad:  Now that I’ve done this for three Caesars casinos, I could use some individuality.


The last casino we visited in our December trip to Tunica was the Fitz located right by the Tunica Riverpart and Museum. They have a Facebook Fan page that is somewhat active and they do reply to questions, but there twitter engagement does not exist.

Good: They have a Facebook Fan page and will talk to you.

Bad:  They are not on twitter.

Sam’s Town

Sam’s Town has the Facebook Fan page and Twitter address which is good but I sometimes think they haven’t quite made the transition to social media marketing.

Good:  you can find out what is going on at Sam’s Town via their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Bad: The “social” part of their social media efforts need to improve. You likely won’t get comment back or reply on Facebook or Twitter.

Gold Strike

Gold Strike is part of MGM Resorts which does a pretty good job with social media (For example, check out the Luxor in Las Vegas and what they have done with Twitter and Facebook.  ). Unfortunately, this know how hasn’t rolled over to Gold Strike just yet.  Having said that, Gold Strike Tunica did just show up on Twitter and Melody (don’t you love having a real person behind the corporate brand?) seems to have hit the ground running.

Good:  Follow Melody on Twitter (@GSTunica ) and check out the new Facebook Fan page.  I’m expecting them to move up quickly given who owns them and what I’ve seen of their new fan and twitter pages. Six month from now, they might even be at the top of the list.

Bad:  They are a bit late to the party and don’t have a lot followers on Facebook or Twitter.  I didn’t feel right putting them ahead of the early adopters.

Hollywood Casino

Hollywood has one of my favorite casinos in Tunica so I’m a little disappointed their presence in the Social media world is not better.  While they have a Facebook fan page, they don’t have a twitter address.

Good: They have a Facebook Fan page with 1700 followers. The casino has a fun theme so at least their customers might post some good pics to twitter

Bad:  No twitter address, no blog, and a low profile Facebook fan page.

Resorts and Bally’s

Resorts and Bally’s are both part of  RIH Casino Resorts, LLC and frequently have some of the best deals (we stayed at Resorts the last time in Tunica). Unfortunately, they don’t have any social media presence on Facebook or Twitter.  @TunicaMS and I (@CheapGambler) may be their chief social media marketing people 😦

Last words

So, did I get this right? If not, let me know. Or tell me your own thoughts on who is doing a good job.

For the people working in the gaming industry that read this blog,  I hope you take the negative points as constructive criticism. I plan to follow up with another post directed at you next time 🙂