If you are a regular casino customer, stop reading now. I want to talk with the casino people.

Look around casino peeps. Are they gone? Good. It is just you and me now. What I want to talk about today is your marketing effort. As a customer who has never worked in marketing, I feel totally qualified to write this.

Why? Because I’m a customer! For example, I can tell you I’m reading fewer and fewer magazines, in some cases, 30% less compared to just last year. I hope you are not spending too much here.

While I’m getting more and more of my news off the web, I’m learning to ignore your banner ads. Sure, I only clicked on them about 3% of the time to begin with but now, by some measure, I’m well below 0.5% (and that doesn’t mean I’m buying , just clicking – and sometimes that is by accident).

So what am I doing? Well, I’m on Facebook talking with my friends and family, posting pictures and good links and maybe even playing some Farmville or Maffia Wars. I talk about where I’m eating, post pics of my vacation, check to see where my friends are and maybe figure out where I want to go on vacation. I’m starting to use location based services like Facebook places and FourSquare and am connecting to new friends there.

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I’m also on Twitter and easily inside your target demographic. More and more of my friends are showing up there at an alarmingly fast pace (same link). I might not be there as much as on Facebook but I hear some of you marketing folks think kind of seriously about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All my public tweeting and URLs and micro reviews of your hotel and casino are picked up by Google and indexed.

Oh, and I love search engines but I don’t like digging too deep in the rankings. This used to be an advantage to you since ads were often at the top and your web site was likely there too. Lately, all this social media chitter chatter has caused blog posts and customer posted links to move to the top. Sadly, I don’t always say the best things. Sometimes I get mad and your perceived lack of concern makes me and my friends even madder. Telling us to take a Motrin many not help either!

While I hate feeling like you are marketing to me, I do like promotions. In fact, Here are my top ten reasons why I might follow you on Facebook:

1. 40% want to receive discounts and promotions

2. 37% want to show support for the brand/company to thers

3. 36% hope (want) to get free samples, a coupon (a.k.a. freebies)

4. 34% want to stay informed about the activities of the company

5. 33% want to get updates on future products

6. 30% want to get updates and information on future sales

7. 27% like to get fun and entertainment out of it

8. 25% want to get access to exclusive content

9. 22% mentioned they were referred by someone to follow this brand/company

10. 21% want just to learn more about the company

(list from Social Media Today by Ralph Paglia)

Yes, I know promotions and coupons cost money and being entertaining is more work than retweeting the latest marketing blurb. Take the money out of the traditional media budget that I don’t use anymore. I always talk to the guards when I walk into the casino. Maybe you should give them blackberries with twitter and Facebook preloaded.

Previously, I talked about Tunica and the range of social media efforts the casinos have taken. If you are in Vegas or Atlantic City or any place else, where would you fall in the list? Even better, read this article from MarketingProfs on the “Four Essential Phases of Social Media Adoption” Where do you fall on this list? Now be honest 😉

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice. “I” is not me in this post. “I” is your whole customer base.