I’ve been kind of serious in my last few posts.  I like talking social media but its time to focus on something more fun, vacation plans 🙂

The other day I made reservations for the Rio in Vegas in May.  I’ve been joking around with @RioVegas about hanging out at the VooDoo Beach (I thought Vegas was in a dessert but I’m no expert.  Maybe it is all sand?)    I’ve also been following a few more Vegas tweeters.  If you have recomendations of good people to follow, let me know.

Me and the misses are also looking for a place to stay In March during spring break.  We are considering finally making a trip to Biloxi but the first pass on hotel prices was not so good. A couple people reminded me it was spring break after all (darn college students! – I can say that  because two of them are mine.)  I don’t know Biloxi like I know Tunica so if anyone wants to tell me how to find the best deals, I’m looking for info.

Otherwise, it may mean a trip back to Tunica.  The comps here are rolling in thanks to our trip in December but most have to be used in February. So we are watching the mail to see what shows up for March.  I do wish there was some way to swap or trade these comps. I’m sure there is somebody sittin on Biloxi comps thinking “I’d sure like to visit Tunica sometime”.

Moving on,  in July we have plans for a cabin in north east Georgia.  This will give us  a chance to check out the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino. Now the oracle of gaming (aka @dunbug81 – I don’t think there is a casino he has not seen) didn’t think as highly of them as he does other places. I’ll let you know when I get there.

So, stay tuned.  I’ve got a chance to put together some great posts the coming months.