I’ve been a bit quiet lately… oh you can still find me on twitter chatting away but I’ve not been traveling much.  That should change in a few weeks.

From my last post, you saw I’ve not had much luck finding a deal in Biloxi.  At the same time, Resorts Tunica sent me a free room comp and my wife got some free slots coupons.  So, for now, it looks like more on Tunica.

BTW, if you watch the #SOMeT tag on twitter, you will see our friends at the Tunica Convention Center are trying to bring the one of the next travel conventions to Tunica.  The casinos are great but I don’t think some of the places around tunica are sold enough.  I hope they are successful and can get a bit more visibility for the museums and off site restaurants and historical sites. There is much more to Tunica than some casinos in the middle of some cotton fields (although the cotton fields are very pretty 🙂 )