I was off watching twitter the other day when I saw the Tunica Convention and Visitor Bureau was putting in a bid for the Social Media Tourism Symposium to come to Tunica. Others are doing it too and afterward everyone will vote on where to go. It sounds like a great idea where the concensus decides where to have the conference.

Now I’m not a part of the tourism business except as someone who likes to travel a lot. No one suggested I write this and I don’t even live in Mississippi.  I’m probably closer to some other locations. As you can guess from my domain name, I do like to visit the casinos which is why I have some personal experience with Tunica.

Now the casinos have some great hotels and some great prices and some great reasons to visit them. I don’t need to market for them.  If you are into social media, you might check out this post I did there connections via social media with a lot of URLs so you can check out all the amenities.

What I do want to point out is some of the great reasons to visit the areas around Tunica.  Until recently, Tunica was one of the poorest counties in the nation and the investments by the gaming industry has changed it greatly. @TunicaReb put me on to the 3 C’s of Tunica which I wrote about in this post here. I also took the time to visit some of the museums. I made a visit to the Mississippi River Museum and blogged about it here. They also have a Tunica Museum which you can find here.

Now I like to eat and this is big here too.  One place that you want to try is the Hollywood Cafe. This is one of those “hole in the wall” type places with food you will never forget. Of course there are numerous Casino buffets and restaurants as well. My wife and I are kind of parcial to Paula Deans and 37. We also head up the road to Memphis where I’d also recommend the Neely’s restaurant (maybe you have seen them on the Food Network).

Of course, as I just mentioned Memphis is just up the road. First, you want to see Beale Street. My wife and I went there for our anniversary a few years ago and have been back several time since then. Elvis Presley’s Graceland is on the south side of Memphis just like Tunica and another reason to step outside the casinos. If you want something more “upscale”, check out the ducks at the Peabody Hotel.

As a Tourist, I have a good time visiting Northern Mississippi and Western Tennessee. I hope you can all come visit and see some of the places I do.