Spring break is almost here and you know what that means?  At least one of our kids will be home from school to watch our dogs 🙂

We are headed back to Tunica March 13. Going through our comps folder, Resorts was offering a free room, buffet  and some slot play so that will cover at least one night.  If you are on a budget (or just cheap like me) this is one of the first places I’d recommend (note:  all these comps are the same comps everyone else gets when spending money there).

For a second night, we decided to try something different so we are heading over to the Gold Strike for the first time.  From what I hear in the Twitter chatter, it’s one of the nicer hotels/casinos in Tunica. We have just never made it there because of what you might call some effective marketing by the other casinos in the area (e.g. Resorts keeps rolling out those comps 🙂 ).   Still, I like what Melody is doing on twitter (score one for Social media) and I’m probably off their radar since I don’t even have a M Life loyalty card. This will give us a chance to change that.

I should also point out  I’m hardly turning from “ Cheap Gambler” to “Big Spender”.  The room is $44.00 on Sunday.  If the hotel is a bit more upscale, it’s a super good deal at any other casino town in the US.

OK, it is really going to be $53.75 after taxes and resort fees. No, I really don’t like resort fees and am really glad Caesars (Harrah’s) is taking a stand against them. In Gold Strike’s favor, at least they are not the outlandish fees you are seeing in Vegas.

So folks, stay tuned.  After a slow month in February, I’ve got a bunch more posts to come.