In one of my old posts, I complained a bit the iSpin App for the Ceasars (Harrah’s) casinos.  I’m glad to report they now have serious  a app available at the Apple App Store. I’ve been using it the last few days and I like it.

To find the App, you can search for “Total Rewards myTR” or just “Caesars” if you want to see all the Caesars apps. After you install it, you enter your TR account number and password and you are good to go… all your info at a touch of the button (and it remembers it all too. I used to hate that about the iSpin app).

One of the things I like about it is that it also keeps track of your reservations.  I’ve got a trip planned to the Rio in Vegas and all the info was there. You can also create reservations right from the app.

It also has a map showing all the other Caesar’s properties which might be useful if you are wanting to see what other places will take your TR card.

The only thing I didn’t like was the notifications. You can set them up to notify you if one of the hotels you like is running a low cost special.  That part is good but the price range starts at $50.  I’m sure that is just fine in Vegas or Atlantic City but that’s a bit high for a “deal” in Tunica.

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