In my quest for great deals in Tunica, I ended up at an unlikely place, Gold Strike Tunica. We found a room for $53.75 (see my last post)  which is a nice price for Gold Strike but a high price for someone “thrifty” like me (Mrs gambler uses another word 😦 )

Now the phrase goes,  “you get what you pay for” and it seems to be true in Tunica.  I’m not saying some of the other casinos hotels are bad. We also spent one day at Resorts which has rooms at about $25 and that was nice too.  Its just that the quality goes up with the more you pay.

Along with the quality rooms at Gold Strike, there are some other reasons to visit too.  First, there is “free” internet.  As a blogger, its nice to have as you talk with your friends via twitter or dig up some other things to do in the Tunica area.  I had both my iPhone and laptop connected while going to someplace like Harrahs will charge you a fee for each device.  Other places like Sams Town have free WiFi in the lobby but not in the rooms.

For those of you that are there for the gambling and not for the internet connection 😉  GoldStike is also in a good location for visiting two other casinos, The HorseShoe, and Tunica RoadHouse.  Check out the pictures below and you will see a few pictures of them and the view from the hotel room. We hit all three in one night so if you don’t find your favorite game in one place, chances are it is at one of the others.  Now I’m sure Gold Strike would prefer you stay in their casino as the other two are Caesar’s properties but as a customer, I kind of like the competition. Plus, Gold Strike seems to be up to it. They have a great casino.

Gold Strike also has a cute indoor pool and a nice exercise room.  As you can guess from the “cute”, its a very nice pool with a cave theme that is a bit on the small side (but way bigger than the other casinos that don’t have one at all).  I wish we could have stayed longer as I’d I would have loved to try this part out.  Also, they have a Spa at Gold Strike and my wife spent quite a bit of time looking at the price list (guys, this might be a good birthday or anniversary present – I know I’m thinking about it).

Now there were a few negatives – as I mentioned earlier, Gold Strike has a resort fee which you have to pay.  It is not a lot (relative to Vegas) but if you are comparing prices, be sure you add a few dollars to any ads you see for them. I don’t think anyone else in Tunica charges a resort fee so I think this is bad marketing on their part (why make customer do extra work to find the true price or risk irritating them at checkout?)  Also,  when we checked in around 2pm, it took over 20 minutes to get to the front desk.  I’m glad business is so good for them on a Sunday afternoon but thats a record for my trips to Tunica. Lastly, the casino floor manager would do well to add the casino floor restrooms to his/her inspection.

Of course, this is just piddly stuff and no one is perfect.  We had a good enough time that we headed back to the Gold Strike Casino on our way out of Tunica (Mrs Gambler won big on the Reel em In slots! WMS, we love you!)  I’m hoping we earned enough on our brand new MLife cards to earn a trip back.  As you saw from some of the tweets in my last post, people really like Gold Strike and I see why.

Here’s a few pictures we took, most of Gold Strike but a few of the neighboring casinos.

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P.S. Hollywood and Resorts just replaced Reel em in with Monopoly so if you like fishing, get to Gold Strike before its gone!