As You can see, my blog traffic is taking a major dip!  This is what happens when real live intrudes into your blogging activity. Until I work my way into being a highly paid Tunica gambling and blogging consultant (or win big in Tunica 😉 ) , I’ve still got to pay the bills with a real job.

Now I’m not sure how busy I will continue to be but I was super excited about Tunica being picked to host the Social Media Tourism Symposium on November 9-11. I figured a blog post was in order.  I know how hard some of the folks at Tunica, MS work to show off some of the great places they have and am really happy that their hard work paid off.

If you want to see how they won, some folks put together some fun video here:

Harrah’s did a video as well:

And so did GoldStrike:

So, congrats to Chrissy, Lisa, Claire and Webster on a job well done. Also, props to Harrah’s Tunica and GoldStrike for supporting this as well. Us social media types love a good time! And we love to tell our friends too!