May 3, 2011_Harrah's Casino TunicaThe Mississippi River continues to rise (pics from last post). According to WMCT in Memphis,  “approximately 4,600 hotel rooms have been closed, equating to $6,210,000 in lost room revenue per month (assuming 75% occupancy at $60 per night)”.  Listening to the radio today (May 9th, 2011), I did here the Mississippi will crest around Memphis should be peaking today and Vicksburg, Miss on Wednesday (May 10).  That means the worst in Tunica should be about the time you read this blog (if you have a good RSS feed or watch my twitter closely 🙂 )

So when can we go back to the casino’s in Tunica? Well, it is hard to say.  If you are reading this post a few days after I wrote it check the Tunica River Watch at the Tunica Travel site. Today, I’m hearing at least May 22 and likely later. Hearsay on the web says June and if the Nashville floods of 2010 are any indication some could take longer if they got significant damage.  I’ve checked some of the hotels looking for when I can make a reservation and most won’t take any at all.

So what do you do? For us personally, we’re looking into a trip to Biloxi as I’ve been wanting to do some blog post of that area. Some of these casinos (e.g.   Isle of Capri in Biloxi ) are taking comps from the closed casinos.  I’ll let you know how this turns out.