Last month I mentioned my falling stats due to not blogging as much.  As any social media expert will tell you, few posts = low traffic. At the time, the big news was that the Social Media Tourism conference had chosen Tunica for its next conference in November (even more important now).  I posted about this and resolved to be a better blogger.

Heres where the weirdness started… I made a trip to Vegas and my traffic started rising before I even put out a post. The flooding around the Mississippi especially around Memphis and Tunica was becoming news and I’m guessing some of my Tunica posts were becoming news too (see first 4 columns in the post above)  Of course, being a Tunica Casino regular, I was glued to the internet watching what happened. I wrote about Tunica looking like a “Reel’em in game” (a popular video fishing game at many of the casinos) and when I saw some good pictures and videos, I did a post on this too. These things compounded and I’m now getting well over a 1000 hits a day.

This is what all of Tunica looks like now 😦

Now I wish I could say it is because I’m such a good blogger (but if you read my stuff you know I’m not! 😉 . I don’t even have a popular topic… gambling in Tunica as a subject definitely doesn’t compare to what is coming from Apple or what Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are doing.  No, I happened to write about some keywords that have suddenly become popular and Google and Yahoo gladly pointed people to my site.

Now I’m hoping you new people don’t leave.  I don’t care about this blog… its just a interesting hobby.  It is more that Tunica and the surrounding area are going to need your support when they reopen. If you are not a big giver (I recommend the Red Cross if you are), why don’t you at least plan on booking a vacation in Tunica this summer and fall? I’ve got a great list of fun places to visit (see below) and the more money we can pump into this area, the sooner it will recover.

As for you Social Media Tourism folks going in November. I’m sure you will seen a lot of good reasons to blog and tweet and comment on them.

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