This Harrah's phrase has new meaning!

I’ve been posting about the Mississippi floods especially around the Tunica casinos. Some of the pictures really are amazing.  The good news is the casinos are starting to open. So, if you work there or just have some pent up need for a good time, things are looking up!

I caught up with Valerie Morris, Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs, Caesars Mid-South :

CheapGambler:  I saw on Twitter than the Horseshoe and Roadhouse are reopening on Friday (correction, Roadhouse on Thursday!)   How were you able to reopen so soon?

Valerie:  These casinos were at the highest elevation. They were the last to close and the first to reopen because they and the land around them were the least affected by the flood water.

CheapGambler: Are the hotels open too?

Valerie: Yes.

CheapGambler: What about Harrah’s?  They looked like the were under more water.  When will they reopen?

Valerie: We are hoping we can reopen Harrah’s by Memorial Day.

CheapGambler:  I saw (and posted) a video on the sandbags around the Horseshoe.  Did they have a big impact on protecting the casino?

Valerie: Yes, We have the best employees and it shows! We had approximately 200 employees show up only about 6 hours after the word got out that we needed help with the sandbags. Those Sandbags held plastic in place over the temporary levee so the flood waters would not was away the levee. The levee, the plastic and the sandbags worked perfectly thanks to our great coworkers!

CheapGambler: The Tunica community has been hit pretty hard. I know this is a big hit on your bottom line but it may be worse for them.  Is Caesar’s doing anything to help the Tunica community?

Valerie: Yes, Our employee volunteers, Caesars HEROs have been out and about volunteering in the community as well.

By the way, in a follow up email today, Valerie tells me Caesars is donating $50,000 to the local Red Cross. They also donated food to Shelby Cares Shelter at Hope Presbyterian Church. Already, Caesars employees go out of their way to help the community. For example, they volunteer at Tunica Nursing Home Arts for seniors, the Tunica Humane Society Golf Tournament, Lifestyle Transitions Northwest Mississippi Senior Expo, the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk at Memphis Zoo, and Game Day at Harrah’s Hope Lodge in Memphis.

She tells me:

… it is the non-scheduled events where our employees have really been showing their true colors and devotion to supporting our community.  As we’ve received information from various organizations about a need for volunteers, we’ve been passing it along to our employees with the simple request to help if they can.  We are only now beginning to hear stories about the numerous employees who are volunteering all over the Mid-South, either by themselves or in groups.  Employees quickly jumped into action when the Salvation Army sent out a request for help with sand bagging at the Pyramid in downtown Memphis.  In Tunica, employees turned up at G.W. Henderson Arena to help serve food at the temporary shelter set up by the American Red Cross for people who were displaced when their homes flooded.   They’re helping at the Tunica Humane Society – mowing grass, bathing dogs, driving animals to and from the vet for medical care, and bringing family and friends to spend time playing with dogs and cats temporarily housed at Battle Arena who were abandoned in the floods.  Most recently, we’ve been getting calls from employees in response to an urgent request from the Mid-South Food Bank.  On May 16, 17 & 18, employees and whole departments will be at the Memphis warehouse to sort and repackage food donations collected during the Postmaster’s  Stamp Our Hunger food drive.  And these are just the events we know about.  Information is coming in daily about the ways our employees are giving back.

Now I love gaming and good deals but I’m even more positive on the companies that support their employees in giving back to the community. Next time you visit one of these casinos (and I hope it’s soon), let one of their employees know if you like this too.