When you land in Vegas, you know you are there from the slot machines in the airport.  If that is not enough, the Chippendale dancers meet you at baggage claim (okay, its really just a big billboard of them – you have to go to the Rio to see them).

As luck would have it, the Rio was were I was going. No, I did not go to the show as the Build a Whopper bar is more my speed. There is also much more to keep you busy too. For example, the VooDoo Nightclub is on one of the Rio towers with a great view of Vegas.  If you get there early and dress up at least a little, you can often get a free pass to the top. Here are some pics of the hotel and the VooDoo Nightclub (all the dark ones). The daylight pictures from up high are all from my room… more on that next post.