It is sound judgment to put on a bold face and ply your hand for a hundred times what it worth; forty-nine times out of fifty nobody dares to ‘call’, and you roll in the chips.

– A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court


More Vegas art to Come...

The Sugar Factory. This plus a 3 pack refill is $40. Was still a great gift!

Before the Mississippi flood the last few weeks, I had bigplans to take my slow moving Tunica blog to the next level… Vegas.  I had spent the previous week hanging out at the Rio, wide eyed and amazed.  I walked the streets of Vegas, paid $40 for lollipops for Mrs Gambler, and had about five Elvis sightings a day (ok, the Elvis sightings are not a big deal for Tunica folks – we see double that at Graceland every day).

Of course, as we all know, The River had other ideas flowing all around the casinos and temporarily making my blog way more popular than any Vegas could do.  The irony that my gambling blog is read more when the casinos are closed would have been a good discussion with Mr. Twain.

So, next post we will finally get back to that series of Vegas posts I was hoping to make…..