No, I’m talking about the “Hot babes direct to you” which was written on the side of a billboard truck driving by as I took a pic (another thing we are missing in Tunica).  I’m talking about the Sugar Factory.

This place is so good, it is news when famous people eat there (  Nicky Hilton Dines at Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Paris Las Vegas).  I dropped by to get Mrs. Gambler one of the couture pops.  Not being big city folk, I couldn’t imagine spending more than 25cents for a lollipop, I was in a bit of shock when I saw the price (I’m not even going to say or I might have chest pains again).   I didn’t even look at the Kardashian or Brittney Spears couture pops as that would have surely killed me.

For the guys, I will point out I got major brownie points for bringing one of these things home.  I even got a duckie cookie for my purchase. So just pick one up, hand them your credit card, and stuff the receipt in your pocket. Don’t look.

Here are a few more pictures of the place.  This is some intense sugar: