Tunica is right on the Mississippi River and it seems my blog ebs and flows with Ole man River. My blog numbers have been just crazy this month with me reaching a peak of almost 2000 hits a day. Maybe I need to start selling ads to fund my gaming habit 🙂

Now I’m a bit of a math nerd and you can have a lot of fun correlating numbers.  Its probably why I like gaming so much and why I have a good time debunking “gambling systems”.

Anyway, the info graphic on the side shows how Mississippi river height coresponds to traffic to my blog. As you can see, the higher the river gets, the more people come to read my blog. If the river goes really high, a few days later I have lots of visors 🙂

When the river is low (and I’m not blogging), you can see people find my blog much less interesting.  For the math folks, you will notice hits to my blog is using a logarithmic scale which kind of makes sense.  At a certain flood level, big things start happening (like flooded casinos) and traffic really shoots up.

In my next post, we’ll discuss how my blog’s numbers are inversely related to revenues for the casinos in Tunica. (or maybe not.  The casinos may decide its better for me not to come back!)

P.S. In reality, my keywords were hitting what people were searching for.  So for you bloggers, ignore the info above and get your keywords right. You never know when they might become big news.