Back in the day, before my  trip to Vegas that introduced me to Britney Spears and the floods that decimated the Tunica Casino industry (ok, not really – they are all running now), I was working on a series of post on the new Gateway to the Blues.  (Go back and read part I now).

Luckily for my blog, the Blues are timeless so I can take up this subject a few months later and report on what everyone in the Tunica area is doing to preserve this history.

If you are a long time Tunica casino visitor, you may remember the “Blues and Legends Hall of Fame Museum” at the Horeshoe Casino.  Their growth caused this to shut down in 2005 so the Tunica CVB hired Design 500 to look into moving this exhibit to the Tunica Welcome Center a couple years later. They also included the Original Dundee MS depot as part of this making it more than just an exhibit.

Needless today, it was approved resulting in the construction that is happening today.  Stop by the Tunica CVB to see how they are doing (even better, post some pics to twitter so I can see how they are progressing 🙂 ).   Webster also shared some other information on the plans for this place.  I’ll share those with you next post (assuming aliens don’t attack Tunica in the mean time… stranger things are happening).