Last year, we were in New Orleans and took the scenic route along the beach back to Alabama. Some how, I had completely missed that fact Biloxi has casinos too. I remember finding out from one of the Isle of Capri peeps on  twitter.

Next week, we are headed back to Biloxi to actually stay a while where I’ll try to tweet and post some pictures. As fate would have it, We will be staying at the Isle of Capri.  You can also find the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino and a bunch of others(click to see the list and map).

Sorry, I don’t know which are good and which are not just yet.  So comment or tweet me if you have some recommendations and I’ll try to check them out.

In the mean time I’ve been checking out the twitter scene in Biloxi. This was kind of funny since about 1 in 10 tweets is about plastic surgery. I guess is we win big we will hang back for a few cosmetic upgrades 🙂