As you saw from my last post, we headed to Biloxi this week.  We had to be in Tuscaloosa, AL Sunday night so we were going to take two days to get there.  Instead, we were looking forward to getting into town and decided to “gamble” on finding a last minute room Sunday night in Biloxi.

We grabbed one of those coupon books at the road side rest… you know, the ones that offer “Walk in only rates” but when you walk in, they say all those rooms are solid out. We also checked out the last minute deals at the casinos. We probably should have headed on to one of the casino hotels but we got there late and could leave early so the extra cost didn’t seem worth it.  Plus, as you know, I’m cheap 😦

We decided to let fate decide on what to do.  If we got the “walk in” rate, we would stay, otherwise we would head to The Palace that had a room for about $80. The good news?  You can get a hotel room ON THE BEACH for as little as $36 and ended up at the Flamingo Beach Hotel.

I think this Flamingo Beach hotel is right out of 1950… I’ve love to know how old it really is but I think 1950 was the last time it was updated. I couldn’t even find a web page for them! It had a funny odor which I saw others had commented on.  On the flip side, it had a GREAT bed.  My guess is so many people have slept on it over the years that it is broken into near perfection.

Other advantatages:  if you want to keep you car close, you can park it right in front of your door. It also had a pool and free WiFi although I was a bit nervous about bringing my laptop in (no, you won’t find a safe here).

would I go back?  No way!  But what a great deal right on the beach. And I’ll miss the bed.