If you saw my last post, we started our trip to Biloxi in a super cheap hotel. The story I’m telling my wife is that this was to make the next hotel look even better :-).  It is like the old commercial where the guy stumbles out of the dessert int a bar and asks for potato chips before drinking his soft drink.

We were really surprised by how nice the “Isle” is.  When you first walk in, you see a neon red bar called “Lava” on the lower level along with a smaller “satelite” casino right next to it. Being a car guy, I also loved the 1940 beach hot rod they had at the entrance.  I was  tempted to post a few more pics of this car’s engine but my wife tells me I run on too much about cars 😦

Also on this level is a Starbucks (have you tried the Coconut Mocha? It’s pretty good). We hung out there for part of the day just people watching. You also have a view to the back fo this lower level where the Faraday’s restaurant is.  I’m sure its very good food (they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday) but the real reason I wanted to go was to check out the wine cave!  It is a small circular room, much of it glass, that exends up to the next level. In side, there are ladders for you to reach the upper level wines.

I have a lot more to say about the Isle of Capri but I haven’t even made it to the second level where we were headed to check in!

So stay tuned.    Right now I have to head out for more gambling.  My wife and I just discovered the new “Rockin’ Olives” game 🙂