I had so much to say about The Isle of Capri in Biloxi in my last post, I never even got to the checkin part. I’ll try not to make this an 18 part series on my vacation to Biloxi 🙂

One think I did want to do is comment on the rooms. I was reading some reviews of the hotel and someone mentioned it looked like it was decorated by the “Golden Girls”. This was funny as it was kind of true but it had me thinking “out of date”.  It wasn’t and I personally think Betty White is pretty cool (I still love this commercial) . The reviews were also all over the place with “fabulous place” and “Had a Great stay!” right next to “Sad and rundown” . I love reviews from other customers but this time we had no idea what to expect when we got to the room.

It turned out our room was both beautiful and very clean. My wife immediately started moving clothes to the dresser and told me she wasn’t planning on leaving. I (of course 🙂  ) got pictures of the room from different angles so you can check out the theme below. 

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I personally get bored with the same neutral hotel theme and really liked the change of pace! Now it could be they knew I was a blogger and made sure I got a good room but I peeked into a few others and they all seemed nice too.

My wife and I are also exercising much more lately – I’m personally hitting the buffets and free drinks a little hard – so we later headed down to the exercise room. This place is well equipped with Precor machines. Mrs Gambler even gave a class to another guest on how to use the elliptical machine (we have the same machines at our gym).

If you would rather swim, they also have a multi-level pool just outside the exercise facilities and the spa along with a small pool bar with soft drinks and beer. From this area, you can also see the gulf and boats right behind you.  So far, the Isle is 2 for 2. Next blog, we’ll talk about the food.

Disclosure:  The Isle comped our room and one meal which I think is partly because I’m a blogger and partly because my wife and I regular casino customers. This is no way affects what I write in my blog.