If you frequent casinos chances are you have eaten at a buffet or two. Did you know it is a law that you can’t open a casino unless you have a buffet?  (OK, I’m still fact checking that).

Picking the best buffet is actually pretty hard.  Buffets quality varies even at the same place and I’ve had good food at even run down casinos. Mrs. Gambler and I hardly even focus on the buffets anymore but rather certain dishes they serve. For example, the banana pudding at Isle of Capri in Lula is very good, and anything that says “Paula Deen signature dish” at Harrah’s Tunica is a good bet.

So where does, Isle of Capri in Biloxi show up?  Well, I’m going to have to give them the award for  “Best Seafood at a Buffet”.  We headed there on a Tuesday night where I got a huge plate of crab legs to start with. After I got tired of cracking these open, I went back for some shrimp, clams, muscles, crab, and fish.  Being on the beach just made it better.

Of course, you may not want to eat at the buffet every night or pay for an expensive restaurant. In our case, we also hit the Café At The Point on the way home (I think it was the only way I could get my wife out of the room so we could check out 😦 ).  They have some good sandwiches here and you can even get a table by the window overlooking the ocean.

What makes the Café the most special is the Chocolate Explosion cake. We caught up with @IsleCasinoBX (AKA Nicole) just as I was tweeting out a pic of this cake.  Seems it is her favorite too and it changes each time you get a slice.  They several kinds of chocolate candy to make it and not every one makes it into each slice.

So, the Isle of Capri was 3 for 3 for us.  I almost wish I had found some negatives about them so you don’t think I’m a shill (that’s an old gambling term).  Let’s hope our next gaming vacation is not this good 🙂