When you walk into a casino, what is the first thing you do? If you are like me, you check to see if any of your favorite games are there or maybe look for some new game that you have wanted to try. I thought for this post, I’d review some of our favorite video slots.

First of all, let me say my wife and I like the bonus games, especially those that let you play together. There are a lot of great games out there but since we like to do our gaming side by side, our favorites below kind of lean that way.

Reel ‘em In

One of the top video slot machines for social gaming is Reel ‘em In from WMS.  I can still picture $700 fish swimming around.  Here’s the video to see how it works:

This game has a lot of variations so you want to watch for the four games under two large screens, not one of the smaller machines that also says “Reel em In”.  The game is great because at random times, all four of you play one of several fishing competitions.  You might have to row the fastest or catch the biggest fish.

WMS also added some fun twists like catching a small fish only to have a big fish come along and eat your small fish. Sometimes it leaves the bones and sometimes you land the “whale”.  The only problem I’m having is that it seems to be going out of style. Resorts and Hollywood in Tunica got rid of it and I couldn’t find it anywhere in Biloxi. I did see if in Rio Vegas a couple of months ago.

Star Trek

Star Trek video slots is the game that really got us hooked on the video slots. One of the trends in the gaming industry is to link the game to favorite movies, TV Shows, familiar board games, or anything that gives you some type of personal connection. Living in a house of Star Trek fans, this game was a natural with clips from the original show scattered though out the game.

The bad part is that since it has been out a while, I’ve not seen it at any casinos the last year.  If you have, I’d love a reply on where to find it.  Rumor has it it might be at Harrah’s Cherokee which will be our next casino visit.  Stay tuned for more information.

Rockin Olives

Moving on to something newer, the game Mrs. Gambler got hooked on at Isle of Capri in  Biloxi is Rockin’ Olives (that is the picture for this blog).  I didn’t find a good YouTube video (Dear Aristocrat Technologies, am I missing your Youtube channel? )  but Gaming Guide had a good article.  Or you can check out this video here:


This is one of the better games if you are playing with other people.  Like with Star Trek, it is a familiar game with a lot of variations.  Sometimes you play the Monopoly game, sometimes you take a ride on the railroad, and sometimes you hit the waterworks or electric company bonus game. As with some of my favorite games, they are from WMS (Hey WMS PR folks, how about a blog post on y’all sometime? 🙂 )

Other Games To Try

I only touched on some of the better games out there but I know there are others.   For example, I hear Lord of the Rings, Sex in the City, The Hangover, and the God Father are all pretty good too. Feel free to leave a comment on some other games you like that we or other readers should try.