The state of Mississippi has made some significant contributions to our country, especially in music, so I’m sometime frustrated seeing some negative jokes or press on TV. Historically, I understand there are some good reasons for this.   Slavery, discriminatory voter practices in  the 60’s, and the state not repealing  its ban on interracial marriage until 1987 are some good examples.

What I hate about this is that it some times hides away the good things about Mississippi and how much progress has been made. You can make a good argument that Mississippi is the key historical state when it comes to rock and roll, blues, jazz, and country music. Who doesn’t know Elvis Presley or Jimmy Buffett? More blues singers have come from the state of Mississippi than all the other Southern states combined.

So, if you have noticed, I’ve been doing some posts on the new Gateway to the Blues facilities being constructed at the Tunica Visitor’s center.  You can read the first and second post by clicking on the links here:

Gateway to the Blues Part I

Gateway to the blues Part II

Below are some additional slides I have on what they are doing. I hope the next time you are visiting Tunica, you will make a side trip the Tunica Visitor’s Center and thank them for preserving some of the positive things Mississippians have contributed to this country.

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