I haven’t been to Pennsylvania in YEARS so when I did go, I had to check out Harrah’s Chester for my blog.  Along with the casino, they also have a racetrack and, according to some of my twitter peeps, one of the best Poker rooms around.

I captured a few picks with my iPhone but Harrah’s Chester also has a “Virtual Tour” on their web site that is pretty cool.

I found three things I really liked about Harrah’s Chester. First they have the new Harrah’s drink menu on the slot machines.  This means no long wait to find a server and a chance to try new drinks. This was my favorite “new thing” in Tunica last year and I really missed it in Vegas this summer.

I also liked the promotions they are doing.  There are Kiosks all around for picking the winners for the upcoming NFL games.  The other promotion I’m hoping to finish is Harrah’s Great Race. If you hit enough Caesars properties you can pick up quite a few Total Rewards points.  They actually have a special Kiosk for this on the 3rd floor (thanks to the nice Harrah’s man supporting the 2nd floor NFL kiosks for personally escorting me to it 🙂 )

But my absolute favorite thing about Harrah’s Chester was the somewhat hidden Mien Noodle Bar behind the high roller tables.  I was taken to the bar by a very friendly older Asian gentleman and got some excellent service from Angel (Kayan).  Now she didn’t know I was a blogger (that would defeat the point  🙂  ) and I noted her providing some excellent service to others so I just had to call this out in my blog.  It didn’t hurt that the food was so good too!

Now that I’ve hit a couple Harrah’s Casinos,  Harrah’s Great Race has us thinking we might pick up some  Total Reward Points with a road trip. Maybe Tunica? Biloxi?  New Orleans?  What do you think?