For those looking for some fun entertainment at a very low cost, now is the time to head to Tunica.

Dan Chopin

We managed to catch Dan O’Sullivan and opener Dan Chopin this Friday night and I have to say, it was the best $2 we have ever paid.   Can you believe that?  Just two bucks. We even got front row seats.

So what is the deal?  Well, the Tunica Funny Bone is just getting started and as far as I can tell, the word is not out.  So they are offering deals to get in and the small crowd means personal service.  Heck, if either of the Dans see this, they will probably send us a personal email for attending.

My goal now is to find a better way to promote this place. It was the most fun we have had since shooting clays over at the Willows and a lot less dangerous.  Maybe Harrah’s should do some type of joint promotion.   How about bringing the shot guns over to the Funny bone after dark?  You could call it “Funny or Else” night.

The Tunica Funny bone does have a two drink minimum but you get to keep the glasses. Smart marketing move as I have at least one family member that snoops through our cabinets. I bet you do to.

You can see some of Dan O’Sullivan’s video’s at the roof top comedy site.

Or, just click his picture below. For Opener Dan, I included a Youtube video. Click it.

Dan O'Sullivan