The last year, we’ve hit casinos in Vegas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, and the golf coast.  Each place has its special charm and we’ve loved visiting them all. But I must say, after all that traveling to these far off places, we sure have missed the Tunica and Lula area. Why? Tunica combines several positive elements that can make for a great gaming vacation. let’s add it up.

First, there is a collection of quality casinos.  We often visit several places looking for the best games. The casino rotates fairly often and having several casinos in one place means you can usually find the one you want. This also means competition between the casinos which is great for us customers wanting some good deals (we paid $18 a night on the weekend  for a hotel room during our last trip and saw a GREAT comedy show for $1 each).

Tunica can also be a test market. I went to Vegas late last year expecting to see the new drink menus at the Ceasar’s “Total Rewards” casinos.  For you Vegas folks this is a menu on the slot machine from which  you can order drinks. The server has about seven minutes to get you your drink.  These severs are on the ball and I love Harrah’s, the Road House, and Horseshoe because of it.  Vegas, I’m sure it will come to you after a few more tests :-p (actually, I’m hoping it does soon because we are heading back in May).

The people in Tunica and Lula are also great to get to know.  Go to Twitter and Facebook sometime and try to get some inside information or personal attention on what is going at any of these places. Vegas certainly has a huge presence in social media but they are so busy with major players that us little guys sometimes get lost.  Not so in Mississippi. You could spend your day talking with @TunicaMS, @TunicaWebster ,@HarahsTunica,  @IsleofCapriLula, @BaxterLee  (there are a bunch more but my hands are getting tired linking to all of them.  I’ll make a good list for a future post). You have got to love when southern hospitality meets social media.

And of course, as I’m always on the watch out for a good deal, you can’t go wrong with the Tunica and Lula prices. I’m guessing real estate costs for a parcel of cotton field are a bit less than a similar sized plot in Atlanta city or even a bit or desert real estate in Vegas (despite some good deals right now).. Plus, if you visit a few times they will start sending you coupons for free rooms, comps and visits to the buffets.

The last thing I need to point out is all the other fun things to do in the area.  Try shooting clays at Willows or some golf at Tunica Nationals.  Hit the Museaum and Aquarium at Tunica River Park and Museum .  Take a River tour there too.  Visit the Holywood Café.  Do some antiquing.  For your big city folk, run up the road to Memphis to visit Beale Street,the Neeley’s restaurant, and see some ducks at the Peabody.  And if you think Vegas has the highest concentration of Elvis’s, try driving a bit north of Tunica to Graceland and see who wins 🙂

I hope you keep this in mind the next time you are looking for the most fun for your dollar.