(Update 3/17/2012 – Lot of people hitting this post looking for Total Rewards codes. You probably want this post.)

I try not to be taken in by those clever marketing programs the casinos are always running but sometimes I just can’t help myself. With all the money Caesars seems to be putting into their latest Total Rewards Escape to Millions campaign, quite a few of you are going to be pleased you entered.

According to Caesar’s, this is their biggest giveaway. High end prizes include three trips for four to Las Vegas on a private jet, a trip to Emerald Casino in South Africa, 113 trips to Atlantic City with airfare, 112 trips to Las Vegas (coach). From here it goes to 3000 4th place prizes for $20 Best Buy, 15000 5th place prices for $15 at Macy’s, 20,000 6th place prizes for $10 Total Rewards money

Now that sounds like a lot right? Well, that was just for the Sweepstake and Instant win part.  There is also a set of prices for filling out a board game (you can see my progress above). Here we have more trips to casinos, Norwegian cruises,  a bunch more Total Reward credits, night life prizes… there is more but I’m getting tired listing all the prizes.

Now if you want to play, here some ideas:

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Good luck. I hope you win. As for me, I’m off to the Grand Biloxi to go check in 🙂

P.S. Here are a few more links on the contest: