If you are playing the Total Rewards Escape to Millions in Prizes contest (click here for my last post on this), you may know you can enter “secret” codes on the web site for extra plays. Along with leveraging social media,  Caesar’s is likely using these values to collect some metrics on the different social media properties.

While probably not a surprise for some of you, the gaming community has banned together to work on this contest together. If you are looking for codes, here are some place that might help.

It’s an interesting phenomenon.  It’s actually in our best interest to not share these codes so that you you end up with proportionally more entries than anyone else.  However, helping others so they don’t have to search all the other sites seems to be outweighing this.

I’m not sure what this is going to do to Total Rewards metrics but this has got to be a fascinating learning opportunity in contests, marketing, and social media.