The latest twist in the legal battles around gambling in Alabama took a surprise twist this week as lawmakers legalized certain type of gambling in the Heart of Dixie.

Lawmaker Brady Hawkes said, “With the money we have spent prosecuting illegal gamblers, with the steady flow of Alabama dollars going to neighboring states to play their lotteries, it made sense to modify our position”.

Sneaky attack, says gambling opponents

Opponents to gambling felt the pro-gambling lobby used improper procedures in passing this bill. “While we were in a special session to finally bring Milton McGregor to justice, other lawmakers were off passing this bill”, said Arthur Stobridge.

Tunica Concerned

“We know what is happening to Atlantic City, once Pennsylvania started building their own Casinos”, says Jennie Reed, President of the Tunica gamblers association. “We clearly don’t like this new law or Alabama’s attack on our lifestyle”.

However, casino owners note that many of their Tunica casinos are on barges. “Our engineers tell us we should be able to tow our barge up the Tennessee river as far as Ft Payne, AL.”, said one casino executive speaking on condition of anonymity.  “If Tunica is ever going to surpass Vegas, we are going to to need novel ideas.  Making Tunica the first portable gambling city may be just the ticket.”

BTW, Happy April 1st 🙂