We just got back from a fun trip to Isle of Capri in Lula, Mississippi (more on that later).  On the way out, I saw this real cutie hanging out by the rooms. Being a dog lover, I had to stop and chat.

Turns out a lot of casino fans are dog lovers so I asked the owner if I could take a picture for my blog.  In talking with the gentleman, I got the impression his wife takes very good care of this dog. That, or she married a professional dog groomer! My picture didn’t do this boy justice.

The key thing here (for you dog lovers) is that Isle of Capri casino has a few pet friendly rooms. “A designated doggie area is available for your pet to stretch and ‘take care of its business’, complete with waste disposal equipment and conveniently located at the grassy area on the north end of the property”, according to their web site.

If you are heading north to Tunica, the Tunica CVB did a post on pet friendly hotel options.  I’d also recommend you visit the Tunica Pet Resort web page. This looks like it would be a fun place for your dog.

As far as I know, none of the Tunica casinos take pets. So, if you want to keep Fido close by, the Isle is definitely worth checking out.