During one of my trips to Tunica a year or two ago, @eplastino caught me tweeting about the casinos I was visiting. I don’t recall the whole conversation but the gist was we should visit the Isle of Capri in Lula.  Always up for adventure, my wife and I jumped in the car and headed to Lula.

While I was there Oney Cross(who you might catch behind @IsleOfCapriLula and also @OneyCross ) and Baxter Lee (aka @BaxterLee)  who work at Isle of Capri sought me out.   Baxter was good enough to teach me to play craps, a skill I’ve put to use several times since then.  However, even though we had a great time, we never stayed there.  What a mistake!

This weekend, we finally made it back to stay at Isle of Capri Lula. My original post was going to be “Isle of Capri, the nicest Casino in Mississippi” but that sounded a bit like a troll (if you are rich, I might check out Gold Strike). By nice, I really meant the people. Even the maid, woman at the buffet, and a guy making coffee in the hotel area were good to talk to.  The Isle has certainly done a good job hiring and training (and for the folks that were nice to me, thanks 🙂  )

I might add one other “Nice” complement for the Isle… that is for the room Isle put us up in. This place was huge, in perfect shape, and the nicest room I’ve stayed in the Tunica area. In fact, it was so nice, I had trouble getting my wife out of the room and into the casino!

The areas outside the room was lovely as well.  I’ll cover that on part 2 of this blog.  In the mean time, Check out some of these pics:

To be upfront, I don’t spend enough to get the top room so I think the Isle upgraded me a bit because of my blogger status. Or maybe they were just being nice again.