In my last post I mentioned the nice people at the Isle and beautiful room we stayed in.  This time I want to talk about the casino and space outside the room. There are lots of pictures below so be sure to watch the slide show.

The Isle has a pool and exercise room in the middle of a beautiful courtyard. If you are just there for the casino, you will miss these completely. In particular, I loved the fish pond, lilly pads, and bridge. Its also well maintained so a big +1 to the gardener.  This is the place to head to after a hard day of gambling 🙂

Between the casinos (there are two) there is an indoor waterfall, buffet, restaurant, and snack area. If you visit the buffet, I recommend sitting by the waterfall. Technically, it’s the smoking area but it’s such a big space, you will never notice.

If you check out the waterfall pool, you will see quite a few people are throwing in money maybe hoping the Isle fountain gods will give out a jackpot.  This is the first time I ‘ve seen paper money in a fountain!

The Casinos (there are two) are both a lot of fun. Each plays live music on the weekends, one side a little bit country, the other side a little bit rock and roll (anyone like Donny and Marie? These bands are more hard core than them 🙂  ).

We did hit a couple negatives in the casino. First, as you know, my wife and I are partial to the latest video slots which were in short supply on this trip. So, no Monopoly, no Star Trek Battle Stations, no Clue, and no Lord of the Rings (to name a few).  However, if you are not into these new games, or prefer table games and poker you should be perfectly happy. Second, for the slots, quite a few machines wouldn’t read our card or take our money. This seems to be a problem at every casino but we once hit four in a row. These are minor things but you always want to push your favorite casino to do better.

In my next post, I need to tell you about the great birthday promotion the Isle of Capri does. This was the highlight of our trip and we didn’t even win $2000 (like the guy a couple tables over).

In the mean time, check out these pictures. If you click one, you can view as a slide show.