If you hit the casinos fairly regularly, you have no doubt seen your fair share of promotions. Purely by chance, we ended up at Isle of Capri Lula during their monthly birthday promotion. Even luckier, my birthday was in April qualifying me and a +1 to attend the promotion.

Some fun beads and playing cards.

We didn’t know what to expect when we got there.  At the front was a table with some friendly Isle folks checking birthdays.  I happened to get in Tom Horton’s line where we had a short talk about where we were from while we filled out a card with our information. Turned out Tom is the Player development manager at the Isle. Our card then went in a bin with all the other birthday participants.

When we got inside, they had a nice buffet, drinks, and birthday cake.  We found a good place to sit where they had beads and some playing cards.  The Isle folks where talking with everyone and Tom happened to find us again. Turns out, Oney (my new favorite casino twitter rep) mentioned there was an important blogger at the party and that they needed to find him ASAP!  Ok, that is probably not what happened but Tom did find us again and he is a wealth of knowledge about the casino industry.  I wish he could have lingered longer.

Fun presentation

It was at this point that Rodney Devine got the show started. This is the man responsible for all the entertainment at the Isle. He had some fun with the crowd, did a few jokes and give away lots of fun at the Isle.  What that fun is… you will have to see for yourself. 🙂

Toward the end, there was a drawing for all the people who had birthdays in April. Some won $250 in comps or more but one guy got $2000 is cash!  My wife saw him later in the casino and he appeared to be having a pretty good time that night. That is a pretty nice birthday present!

Its a popular promotion. Come a few minutes early to avoid the rush.

So, if your birthday is in May,  you might head over May 19.  My wife’s birthday is in September and are already marking it on our calendar. If you do go and Tom Horton signs you up, be sure to tell him “Cheapgambler” says hi 🙂