I managed to get out to Lone Butte Casino in Arizona the other day.  Its a nice casino so I don’t want to be too negative but it was one of my worst casino experiences ever.

Now it is not their fault.  The place was packed and it is a nice casino. I bet they are making good money.  Here what the problems were:

First, I went on a Saturday night and they were packed.  They had a few good machines but it was a real challenge to get a free one.

When you did get to a machine, most were 2-cent machines so everything you bet is double what you are probably used to.  I was able to adapt by mentally multiplying my bet by two but I didn’t like it. It just scales everything up.  This would never go over well in Las Vegas or Tunica but I guess they have the market to get away with it.

The whole time I was there, not one server ever found me.  It was a busy night so that is kind of understandable, but they don’t offer the free drinks like other places. Sometimes this is nice as you get better quality drinks but slow service is slow service.

So, on the one hand, I’m glad the Gilla River Indian community is doing so well… a full casino with double price slots and customers that are paying for their drinks has got to mean big profits. Except for the lack of servers, they are really not doing anything wrong as a business.  On the other hand, it sure makes you appreciate the value of competition for us consumers. I can’t wait to return to Tunica, Biloxi, and Vegas.